Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jordanas' Hollywood Hills Presented by Sue Berliner

This month's workshop was all about the sunshine and glamour represented by the famous Hollywood sign.  Did you know it was originally constructed to advertise a property development and was expected to remain for only eighteen months?  It is still standing ninety years later and is the symbol of so many elements of the Californian lifestyle.  

Sue Berliner lead a fast paced workshop littered with interesting facts and anecdotes about the sign and even entertained us by walking the red carpet.

Docents worked with color Sharpies and water soluble oil pastel to create brightly colored works of art inspired by artist Jordana Klein.

Jefferson and Lincoln treated us to a glamorous brunch offering dishes such as Marilyn Monroe cheesy potatoes, Halle Berry berries, Roger Moore's spinach quiche, and Zellweger zucchini.

Ali Daly was Friday's vendor with her heart-felt family book 'Pavo Finding New' that was inspired by her family's story.

We can't wait to see your Hollywood hills appearing around the schools...