Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meanwhile, in Reaching Out...

Many of you will know that "Reaching Out" is the South Bay Hands on Art program that brings projects to schools in Compton and Lennox.  The projects are usually from previous years, because they use materials we've already purchased, and they rely on the previous training of docents, who have already attended the workshops on those projects.  Volunteering for Reaching Out is great community work, but it's also fun because you get to revisit past projects one more time.

Recently, Reaching Out took last year's "Tumbling Tiles" to Compton.  Here's what Stefani Conniff writes:
The kids, though first apprehensive, loved the project once they understood the fun of tumbling the tiles.

At the end, I had them create a big puzzle or maze, combining all their design. I had them explore all the different possibilities of creating new designs.

So, the entire class (5th grade) got involved and they created their Compton.
They called out rivers, lakes, schools, playgrounds and there was a lot of pride in their work.

And here are some pictures of their work.  Thanks for sharing, Steffi! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Resource Links for Hannah Frank Project

YaVanna Baird's scratchboard nightscape
There are a couple dozen photos from the Hannah Frank docent training workshops here

For more information about Hannah Frank, including books, cards, and prints for sale, go to the official website here

Looking for the slideshow from today's presentation?  It's here, in PDF format. 

Want more materials like we used in the workshop, for your own projects?

This is the scratchboard we used in the project.

Here's the 7-piece tool set I showed most of the tables.  Here's the four-tool set that the Hands on Art program purchased for the schools.

Some general resources on the Art Nouveau:
National Gallery of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Europa 1900 (about the "Glasgow style" Art Nouveau)

I also found this pinboard dedicated to the Glasgow style, on Pinterest.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh, Ocelli!

Today South Bay Hands on Art kicked off its 2012-13 season of six projects with "Proud as a Peacock" by Lee-Jean Lin.  If you're in the Thursday workshop group, you already know it's a fun, colorful project with unique materials.  If you're in the Friday workshop group, you'll find out tomorrow!  Today's brunch was provided by Adams Middle School, with helpful signage to take the  "Is this vegetarian? vegan?" guesswork out of the buffet.  Good thinking!  And now, some photos from the workshop:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Year-End Brunch Report

In case you missed the year-end brunch for South Bay Hands on Art...

Part of the delicious brunch spread

We ate very well (as usual).  Sweet little thank you gifts were exchanged--the school chairs never cease to amaze with their clever packaging and generosity.  And, the projects selected for next year were revealed.  Here's the line-up (subject, as always, to change):

Scottish Nights
based on Art Nouveau illustrations of Hannah Frank
Penny Richards

Proud as a Peacock

Painting a Sumi-E Poem
based on traditional Japanese brushwork
Erika Snow Robinson

Good Things in Life
based on contemporary Brazilian artist Romero Britto
Marcie Heaslet

Picasso's View
based on Picasso's "The Doves" (1957) and similar works
Marianne Coble

Fanta-sea Reefscape
based on the colors and shapes of a tropical coral reef
Marianne Coble

Monday, April 30, 2012

Chalk it Up 2012!

Principal Samantha Leddel,
at 2009's Chalk It Up at Parras
Mark your calendars, save the date, and start your engines (or at least find your bag of chalk):  Chalk It up 2012 will be held Saturday, June 2, all day at Parras Middle School.  If you've been to Chalk It Up in the past, you know it's a fun family day, with chalk art to do (or just watch and enjoy), food and other vendors, live music and exhibits.   Docents, check with your school HOA chair, because every school has a responsibility to cover at this, our annual fundraiser.  Be there, and be (chalking a) square!

More details as they become available...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Klimt-inspired student art

Students all around Redondo, all ages, are working on the Designs by Klimt project right now, and the results are pretty spectacular. Here (left) are some middle schooler projects, spotted at Adams Middle School (in the front office!). And below, some RUHS high schoolers' interpretations of the project (in order, we have works by Debbie Smith's students, Caia, Isabella, Valerie, and Phoenix):

Friday, February 17, 2012

Designs by Klimt docent training workshop

Here are photos from the Designs by Klimt docent training workshop on Thursday... hope you all, and your students, enjoy this latest project by Marianne Coble!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are you Branching Out?

Some photos from our most recent docent training workshop, "Branching Out with Charles Arnoldi"....