Sunday, June 1, 2014

Appreciation Brunch, 2014

The South Bay Hands on Art appreciation brunch is a wonderful event to give thanks to the many docents who commit time and energy to the program throughout the school year.  We get to look back over the past year and look forward to the new.

Stefani Conniff inspired us all talking about the origins and success of Reaching Out.  The first person she told her idea to said ‘No’, but she went ahead and done it anyway.

We got to see all the board members together in one place at the same time.  For many, especially new docents, this is the first time seeing the faces of those that work to keep the program moving forward.  

Thank you to everyone involved with putting the brunch together and for making all the docents feel very appreciated.

Alicia and Sue-Anne’s presentation summed up the Hands on Art school year beautifully.

And of course there is the big reveal – what everyone is eager to know - next year’s projects…

Enchanted Inuit
Based on one of the most notable Canadian pioneers of modern Inuit art, each student will create their own graphic, mystical animal in the style of Kenoujak Ashevak’s famous Inuit prints, using pencil, ink pen and watercolor pencils
Presenting Artist: Erika Snow Robinson

Jordana’s Hollywood Hills
Inspired by Jordana Klein’s hill artwork students learn the use of water soluable oil pastels on wet and dry watercolor paper.
Presenting Artist: Sue Berliner

Tribal Portraits
Students create a tribal portrait painting inspired by the face paintings of the tribes of East Africa.
Presenting Artist: Marianne Coble

Valen-dine’s Heart
Students learn an American pop art mono print technique using water color markers on a transparent film to multimedia paper.
Presenting Artist: Lee-Jean Lin

Zebra on the Plains
Inspired by the work of Paul Kimotho and other wildlife painters students draw zebras using white pencil on black paper.
Presenting Artist: Jake Tedesco

Fields of Lavender
Students learn an Impressionist inspired landscape painting utilizing multiple brush painting techniques and styles.
Presenting Artist: Jake Tedesco

I would like to thank Penny Richards for handing me the reigns to the Hands on Art blog - Thank you Penny!