Friday, January 23, 2015

Valen-Dine Hearts!

These are not your usual Valentine hearts - Valen-Dine hearts!

Local artist Lee-Jean Lin demonstrated a unique technique using film and markers to create a colorful mono print plate inspired by the work of living, American artist, Jim Dine.  The design was then transferred to paper using water.  The results varied depending on the amount of water used.  Some were almost exact copies of the original design while others were watery swirls of color.  I had no idea markers could be used in such a creative way!

You can see more of Jim Dine's work on the Pinterest board HERE.

Brunch was beautifully presented on Thursday by St. Lawrence Ascension and Riviera Hall and on Friday by the Beryl docents.

Did you see the beautiful handmade Peruvian belts by Viviana de la Border?  Here's her email if you would like to make a purchase -

Tulita's hearts will be on display at The Good Stuff in the Riviera.  Comment below to let us know where we can see your school's Valen-Dine hearts.  Feel free to post photos on the Facebook page too - we always love to see your work!