Thursday, February 4, 2016

Boom for Real - Presented by Marianne Coble

What a great start to 2016!

This month South Bay Hands on Art students will be inspired by the controversial
 artist Jean Michel Basquiat (Born: 1960 Died: 1988).  After an introduction to the 80s artist who is famed for, among other things, for being Andy Warhol's friend and Madonna's boyfriend, students create a portrait of the artist by using layering techniques with a wide variety of medium such as acrylic paint, oil pastels, gel pens, pencil, gesso and spray paint. 

This is a fast, energetic way of creating art which intends to capture emotion rather than creating realistic looking artwork.  Words, symbols, colors, scribbles, splashes and drips converge on the paper to create a snapshot of the artists' current emotions.  Does it sound complicated?  Well, maybe if you over think it.  The workshop was lively and fun and the docents produced some great artwork.

Why was Basquiat controversial?  Some people didn't think his work was 'art'.  Many 'old school' art critics had a hard time understanding neo-expressionism and it's rough handling of materials, but Basquiat cultivated a fan base that included musicians and celebrities who appreciated his personal and expressive works.  Basquiat achieved fame at an early age and was one of the first young artists to cross over from his graffiti roots to high-end galleries. 

Mrs. Whaley's 4th grade, Tulita students were excited by the wide range of medium available to them during the lesson took very little encouragement to start experimenting.  A few students found it difficult to create layers especially when it involved painting over or covering up words or symbols that they really liked, but the end results were, fresh, fun and exciting.  This project really opened us all up to a different way of creating. 

Thank you Marianne Coble for a great project.

Also a huge 'THANK YOU' to the Beryl docents for the wonderful brunch spread - we really appreciated the variety of hot items and vegetarian too!

Another thank you goes to Sonia Carratala of Kandlegirl Studio (Candles with Drama) and Victoria Pitzele who shared their beautiful handmade candles and fairy light bottles with us. 

Did your students enjoy the project?  Share your experience in the comments below and post photos and comments on our Facebook page.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Maritime Romanticism Presented by Jake Tedesco

Our second Hands on Art workshop was presented by Jake Tedesco, entitled Maritime Romanticism. 

We looked at the artwork of Ivan Aivazovsky (b1817 d1900) a famous Russian painter of Armenian origin who is often regarded as the greatest marine artist of all time.  

Jake explained that the Romanticism movement was not necessarily about romance but about creating artwork that provokes an emotional response.

We used wax pencil for the details and brought the image to life with watercolor.

Brunch was brought to us by Washington and Birney and the vendor was Melissa of Stella & Dot.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Goldfish by Rolandas Dabrukas

We had a blast at the first South Bay Hands on Art workshop of the new school year!

Multi-talented artist and illustrator, Rolandas Dabrukas lead us through a fun step-by-step workshop demonstrating how to create illustrative style goldfish using color pencils on black paper.

Born in the very small country of Lithuania Rolandas's project includes clear instructions but also allows for individual creativity as you can see in the photos of the docents' work below.  We can't wait to see Rolandas style goldfish popping up around the school campuses and the local community.

The brunch standard was set sky high with a wide selection of homemade hot dishes, fruit, croissants, bagels and all the trimmings accompanied by some very creative goldfish themed decorations.  A big thank you to Adams and Alta Vista!

This month's vendor is YaVanna Baird with Artistree Jewels.  All our vendors generously donate a percentage of their proceeds to South Bay Hands on Art.

We hope you have fun teaching this project in the classroom.  Please feel free to post your students's work on our Facebook page.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

South Bay Hands on Art Appreciation Brunch - 2015

The appreciation brunch is the time of year that we get to see all board members, 350 docents, school Principals, PTA Presidents and other sponsors all in one room together.  

We get to see everyone one involved over the previous twelve months and show our appreciation.  We also get to welcome those stepping into new positions. 

This year we thank Alicia Rubio and Sue-Anne Silkes for their two year service as Program Chairs and welcome Erika Snow-Robinson and Gina Clancy who will take control for the 2015-17 term.

The highlight of the morning is always the reveal of the new projects.  Scroll through the pictures below to see the big reveal…

Thank you Sue-Anne & Alicia!
Welcome Gina & Erika

Wishing you all a safe and happy summer.

See you in the new school year!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Enchanted Inuit Presented by Erika Snow Robinson

Can you believe we’re on our last project of the school year already?

This month Erika Snow Robinson introduced us to Canadian Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak.  Ashevak worked in many mediums including pen and ink and color pencils.  Her artwork always illustrated creatures and birds surrounded by ornamental feathers and flowers.  Her artwork can be seen in galleries and museums all around the world.   Her most iconic work titled ‘The Enchanted Owl’ was completed in the 1960s and featured on postage stamps multiple times, as well as on Canadian coins.

As well as leading the workshop Erika brought along samples of her beautiful Redondo Beach themed artwork and offered docents the opportunity to go home with one of her prints.

An owl themed brunch was laid on by Parras on Thursday and Tulita, Tuvia and RCC on Friday.