Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tribal Portraits Presented by Marianne Coble

Marianne Coble introduced us to the Surma tribe of the Great Rift Valley in Africa who paint their faces daily using plants, flowers, grasses, nuts and berries.  Who wouldn't be inspired by these beautiful faces?

Docents used acrylic paint, pastels, crayons and charcoal to create a unique portrait on black paper.

Brunch was beautifully presented by Parras, on Thursday and St. James and Redondo Union on Friday.

Shannon Flaherty shared a wonderful collection of Usborne Books.  You can see more books in detail on Shannon's page by clicking HERE.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jordanas' Hollywood Hills Presented by Sue Berliner

This month's workshop was all about the sunshine and glamour represented by the famous Hollywood sign.  Did you know it was originally constructed to advertise a property development and was expected to remain for only eighteen months?  It is still standing ninety years later and is the symbol of so many elements of the Californian lifestyle.  

Sue Berliner lead a fast paced workshop littered with interesting facts and anecdotes about the sign and even entertained us by walking the red carpet.

Docents worked with color Sharpies and water soluble oil pastel to create brightly colored works of art inspired by artist Jordana Klein.

Jefferson and Lincoln treated us to a glamorous brunch offering dishes such as Marilyn Monroe cheesy potatoes, Halle Berry berries, Roger Moore's spinach quiche, and Zellweger zucchini.

Ali Daly was Friday's vendor with her heart-felt family book 'Pavo Finding New' that was inspired by her family's story.

We can't wait to see your Hollywood hills appearing around the schools...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Valen-Dine Hearts!

These are not your usual Valentine hearts - Valen-Dine hearts!

Local artist Lee-Jean Lin demonstrated a unique technique using film and markers to create a colorful mono print plate inspired by the work of living, American artist, Jim Dine.  The design was then transferred to paper using water.  The results varied depending on the amount of water used.  Some were almost exact copies of the original design while others were watery swirls of color.  I had no idea markers could be used in such a creative way!

You can see more of Jim Dine's work on the Pinterest board HERE.

Brunch was beautifully presented on Thursday by St. Lawrence Ascension and Riviera Hall and on Friday by the Beryl docents.

Did you see the beautiful handmade Peruvian belts by Viviana de la Border?  Here's her email if you would like to make a purchase -

Tulita's hearts will be on display at The Good Stuff in the Riviera.  Comment below to let us know where we can see your school's Valen-Dine hearts.  Feel free to post photos on the Facebook page too - we always love to see your work!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thank you LEAF!

A huge thank you to Lennox's education foundation LEAF for generously donating $2,000 to South Bay Hands on Art to support the Lennox Reaching Out program.

Friday, November 21, 2014

In Summary: A Night Out for the Arts, 2014

Hello Hands on Art docents and supporters,

This could be a very long post.  All of you who attended last Friday's fundraiser will already know 'A Night Out for the Arts' was an amazing event.  If you didn't get to attend I have included some photos below, but first there is a whole team of amazing people that need to be thanked...

Thank you to all the Hands on Art board members.

Thank you to Redondo Beach Arts Group and all the donating artists.

Thank you to Restaurant Christine.

Thank you to Barbara Ramsey-Duke.

Thank you to St Jame's Catholic school for hosting.

Thank you to all the schools that painted platters.

Thank you to all the school chairs that worked hard to sell their quota of tickets.

Thank you to everyone who brought a ticket to attend the event.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket for the opportunity drawings.

Thank you to everyone who bid on the silent actions.

And thank you to all the Hands on Art docents who couldn't be there on the night but give up their time and energy every month to bring art to the kids...

'Art makes everything AWESOME!'