Monday, March 7, 2011

Chalk It Up News!

Fearless chair Erika Snow Robinson writes:
I created a dedicated website for South Bay Chalk It Up - check it out...then, click all over it - follow us on twitter, post us on FB, read our blog...get our community out to support our children and the arts! and don't forget to PRE-PAY for your square via paypal thru our site! It's tax deductible - have a biz that wants to sponsor a square? Let me know!

Thank goodness I have a super understanding hubby who knows where my passion and talents lie since it seems every waking moment between now and April 30th will be spent for the good of Chalk It Up! I’m THRILLED to be able to say that South Bay Chalk It Up! now has its very own website. Complete with a paypal reg button (just like the one on this page!), and links galore - to vendor websites, email, documents for volunteers, FB, Twitter, this blogspot and check us out as soon as you can. And PLEASE spread the word. We want this year to be even bigger than last year. Remember, this is the ONLY fundraiser where ALL the proceeds go directly to benefit South Bay Hands On Art.

And without SBHOA, our children’s world in the public school system (and a lot of the private ones locally) would contain a lot less “color”! When funding is cut, it’s always (for reasons that baffle me) the arts and music and sports that goes first. I’m not saying we don’t need rocket scientists and English teachers and accountants... what I AM saying is not everyone goes on to be one of those. Where would our world be without the contributions of Leonardo DaVinci? John Williams? Annie Liebowitz?

Wake up world! Because a world without music, art, sports and color, is not a world I’d want to wake up to - and we shouldn’t want that for our children either!
You can follow SBChalkItUp on Twitter--yeah! I think I'm the first follower ;D