Friday, May 25, 2012

Year-End Brunch Report

In case you missed the year-end brunch for South Bay Hands on Art...

Part of the delicious brunch spread

We ate very well (as usual).  Sweet little thank you gifts were exchanged--the school chairs never cease to amaze with their clever packaging and generosity.  And, the projects selected for next year were revealed.  Here's the line-up (subject, as always, to change):

Scottish Nights
based on Art Nouveau illustrations of Hannah Frank
Penny Richards

Proud as a Peacock

Painting a Sumi-E Poem
based on traditional Japanese brushwork
Erika Snow Robinson

Good Things in Life
based on contemporary Brazilian artist Romero Britto
Marcie Heaslet

Picasso's View
based on Picasso's "The Doves" (1957) and similar works
Marianne Coble

Fanta-sea Reefscape
based on the colors and shapes of a tropical coral reef
Marianne Coble