Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meanwhile, in Reaching Out...

Many of you will know that "Reaching Out" is the South Bay Hands on Art program that brings projects to schools in Compton and Lennox.  The projects are usually from previous years, because they use materials we've already purchased, and they rely on the previous training of docents, who have already attended the workshops on those projects.  Volunteering for Reaching Out is great community work, but it's also fun because you get to revisit past projects one more time.

Recently, Reaching Out took last year's "Tumbling Tiles" to Compton.  Here's what Stefani Conniff writes:
The kids, though first apprehensive, loved the project once they understood the fun of tumbling the tiles.

At the end, I had them create a big puzzle or maze, combining all their design. I had them explore all the different possibilities of creating new designs.

So, the entire class (5th grade) got involved and they created their Compton.
They called out rivers, lakes, schools, playgrounds and there was a lot of pride in their work.

And here are some pictures of their work.  Thanks for sharing, Steffi!