Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ready for 2011-2012?

A few notes as we head into the new school year:

*School HOA chairs should have received an email about the chair meeting 9/10/11 (hey, cool date!)--if you didn't get that email, you may need to update the board about your contact information, asap.

*Workshops this year will happen at Alta Vista elementary school, at 815 Knob Hill. There are specific instructions about parking and entry to the workshop space; all school chairs will have these details in hand before the first workshop, and should share them with docents.

*Got the project list for this year? No? Okay, then here it is:

Tumbling Tiles
Penny Richards

Reflections in Nature
Diane Dubin

Branching Out
Kaye Furlong

Designs by Klimt
Marianne Coble

Larger than Life
Lee-Jean Lin

Marlene Rich

Firm dates and other details coming soon!

*Finally--anyone interested in being HOA Supply Chair? If you are organized, and you have some space for staging supplies for pickup, you can do this. There aren't any very unusual supplies this year (like some years), so it's a good time to give it a try. If we don't get an overall supply chair, each school's supply chair will handle ordering and organizing materials for each site. We've done that before, and it's not unworkable, but an overall chair makes a lot of things run more smoothly. Consider if this is another way you can help this year.

UPDATE: Supply chair FOUND! More details soon.

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