Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where are you going?

Did you know that the South Bay Hands on Art docent training workshops will be held at the Knob Hill Community Center this year? (Click the link for map, directions, and other details.) Don't go to Parras Middle School--that was last year's hotspot. We're back to Knob Hill, our longtime location, for 2010-2011. Be sure to alert your fellow docents so they aren't late for the first workshop!


  1. What time and day? Also, does it cost anything? I'm an AmeriCorps member working as an art teacher and would love to sit in to get some ideas and just talk to people with more experience. If you have any information for me, please e-mail Thanks!

  2. Unfortunately, South Bay Hands on Art docent workshops are not open to the public. They are supported by the participating schools' PTAs, and seating is limited to the docents who will be teaching the lesson in those schools. Good luck with your teaching!

    (Also, this post is from last year. We've already moved again. Watch those date stamps!)