Thursday, April 8, 2010

Even more Chalk It Up news!

Erika Snow Robinson is back with another message of encouragement and an important link to our Facebook event page for Chalk It Up...

Hey Y’all!

Just want to thank everyone who is getting the word out there - especially those of you who are blogging, adding us to PTA Newsletters, websites, etc. Remember that you can find out the latest details about Chalk It Up, specifically, and South Bay Hands On Art, in general, here at the blog, or check out our Facebook Events page! I encourage all of you to ask your friends to join, or simply send them a Chalk It Up invitation once you’re there. Visit us - make comments - give suggestions, but mostly, let others know about us!

JOIN US...what are you waiting for? This event and our art program will only be as successful as the people we have participating and volunteering! And remember, your (and my) children are counting on you!

See you May 1st - at RUHS!
Erika Snow Robinson
CIU Co-Chair 2010

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