Monday, August 31, 2009

Workshop Dates for 2009-2010

Here is the final schedule of workshops for the coming year. (If you're at a Thursday school, notice the Thursday dates; if you're at a Friday school, notice the Friday dates.)

Myth and Mystery
Marianne Coble
October 8-9
Inspired by the work of Jesse Reno (b. 1974) of Portland OR, students will create their own mythological painting on rosin paper using a variety of media.

The Color of Snow
Birgit Snodgrass
November 12-13
This project will have students wondering what is the real color of snow. They will use watercolor, Maskoid, and salt to create their own unique landscape of birch trees, fences, and colored snow.

Pastel Wolf
Julia Tedesco
January 7-8
Students will draw a step-by-step portrait of a wolf and learn how to use chalk pastels. They will also learn about wolves and wolf conservation.

Mandala: The Complete Circle
YaVanna Baird
February 4-5
Students will explore patterns, shapes, and emotions as they create their personal mandala using prismacolor pencils.

The Poetry of Iron
Carrie Powers
March 11-12
Students will sculpt with wire and foil, adding black paint and a clay base, to create their own abstract sculpture inspired by the work of Spanish-born Julio Gonzolez (1876-1942).

Wild Things
Marianne Coble
May 6-7
Inspired by the popular children's book by Maurice Sendak, students will design a three-dimensional page with landscape and a creature, using a variety of techniques and media.

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